Juan Pesqueira

I am your: Advisor... I am your: Consultant... I am your: Partner... I am your: Friend... I am your: Realtor

As a Realtor licensed in Arizona, Juan provides Strategic Marketing, Savvy Technology, and Transaction Management services to his clients across many Arizona markets (Scottsdale, Paradise Valley, Phoenix, Tempe, and throughout). His business is built on: Dedication, Communication, Determination, & Trust while embodying the ability to cater and adapt to all his client s Real Estate needs. "Just as the Real Estate industry evolves to become more innovative and efficient, so do I." Born and raised in Arizona, his knowledge of the city s geography can assist you with all your Residential Real Estate endeavors on both sides of the line! In addition, he provides exceptional Real Estate services to ensure you feel confident with your decision to hire him. "Rest assured I will listen to you! With an understanding of your needs & wants, I will do my best to help you achieve them all."


The more I know, the more value I can bring to the table for my clients in helping them strategize to win regardless of market conditions. In addition, I bring years of appraisal practice (Also licensed in Arizona as an appraiser) to the table. That includes but not limited to extensive market knowledge, property values, education, and training. When you work with me, you are working with one of the BEST and Experienced real estate agents in Scottsdale with a track record of over 100+ homes sold. I am highly responsive, very transparent, and super-FAST! I take a straightforward approach to deliver you the results you deserve.


I am dedicated to working with sellers in coming up with a marketing strategy, to deliver the highest return, in a strategic, seamless, FAST process. My duty is to get maximum exposure for your home. I offer a complete digital experience, including an extensive mobile-responsive website, and social media presence. Attorneys Realty is a select group of top Realtors who work side by side with attorneys in 2 different offices in Scottsdale, that has access to a pool of cash-ready tech buyers that we will expose your property to. Attorneys Realty is a boutique style brokerage that offers all the same services the big brokerages offer. We just offer it at a more personal level and add an additional level of service that most of the traditional real estate brokerages don t offer.


Working with buyers, I help navigate them through the hurdles and challenges of one of the most competitive, housing markets in history. Every property is unique, so I take a different strategy and approach. Having a great relationship with other agents is key and having the best track record in town helps me compete aggressively and win for you. There's no place like homes, and I am ready to take my clients there! FAST!!

As a Tech Enthusiast & Athlete, Juan believes: "If you Work Hard you can Play Hard."


I leave you with this - Albert Einstein once said, the definition of genius is taking the complex and making it SIMPLE. At the risk of perhaps oversimplifying the seemingly complex world of real estate, I’d like to put the work into context. I connect buyers with sellers while facilitating the transaction in the simplest way possible. That it! My intent is not to diminish the importance of our role as an agent and all the many tasks we engage in. However, my experience as a Realtor, Appraiser, and Consultant/Advisor when working with buyers/sellers over the last 16 years, has led me to a simple conclusion; many agents overcomplicate the things we do. With that being said, I bring a different APPROACH, VIEW, and STYLE to listing and selling homes. Having 16 years of SALES (residential and commercial) & APPRAISAL (residential) experience allows me to offer the opinion that the number of agents filing the role of advisor are few and far between. They also happen to be the very small segment of true professionals. - Juan Pesqueira 

Reach out to Juan by filling the form below. Cell phone 480.458.8007 (please leave a message if I don’t pick up and I will return your call). Office 480.767.6900. By email