Famous Architects

Arizona has so many great and amazing architects, some local, and some who have passed by leaving their mark. The most well-known architect is Frank Lloyd Wright, his designs are considered art work or livable art. A local architect Bennie Gonzalez known for designing most of Scottsdale municipal buildings, hundreds of private homes, and residences throughout Arizona. His distinctive style of southwestern architecture has been widely copied. Today the master creations of a Mark Candelaria or Bing Hu are hot commodities and sell quickly for top dollar – many can be seen or found throughout Scottsdale or Paradise Valley

You might find an original Alfred Newman Beadle that was designed in 1963, completely rebuild by design and transformed. Taken from its original 1963 mid-century modern and transformed into today’s modern unique ultra-contemporary.

Head off the beaten path and travel upwards to Cave Creek. If you look hard enough you might see a glimpse of Architect Michal Johnson's Contemporary Purity with walls of glass sprawled across some of Arizona’s most tranquil desert terrain.

Architecture is amazing, beautiful to look at, and continues to evolve. Some say Architecture is nothing but wasted space. One thing is certain there is no lack of architecture designed homes in Arizona, every house is a little (or a lot) different than the other. So pick up your feet, relax, and enjoy the search.

In the words of Frank Gehry “98% of what gets built today is shit”

Amazing Arizona Architecture