Campus Cribs: ASU

  • Campus Cribs: The Right Condo Choices Near ASU (Arizona State University)

There is a saying I heard while I attended ASU (Arizona State University) “The further you live from campus the less time you will spend on campus”. Wasn’t that the truth? During my first year of college I made it to 90% of my classes (pat on the back) because I lived in the Sonoran dorms on campus. The following year I moved further out and guess what? I am writing this blog now so you get the picture J ok kidding.

Forget about writing a check for a cramped dorm room or worry about your child getting along with roommates why not invest in a condo near campus. There is no better time to invest in the Tempe real estate condo market than right now. If you have kids attending Arizona State University in Tempe, AZ. You should get creative and buying a condo instead of renting. Below is a list of condo, townhome, urban lofts, brownstones, and penthouse condos in Tempe that is college student friendly and offer full college lifestyle.

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